Dark Heather Boston 4 Symbols Greatest Sportstown® Tee
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This tee says it all after an epic decade of sports dominance, new championship banners, and a test of community character as BOSTON STRONG. Wear Your Pride, Boston Fans. You and your teams earned the right to challenge all others as the “GREATEST SPORTSTOWN IN AMERICA.”

* 65% polyester, 35% cotton
* Screen Printed design
* Exclusive Registered Trademark: GREATEST SPORTSTOWN IN AMERICA


* This product is not prepared, approved, or licensed by any league licensor or licensee that manufactures products for major league sports. Life Is Sports LLC is an exclusive and independent sports brand of uniquely designed products combined with its own proprietary Registered Trademarks, and does not use any official team logos or intellectual properties.

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Boston 4 Symbols Greatest Sportstown® Tee

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